Can You Cut an Air Filter to Fit?

If you can't find a standard size filter that meets your needs, you may need to order a custom-sized air filter. Don't be tempted to cut the filter to make it fit - this can create air gaps and allow contaminants to pass through. Instead, we can manufacture air filters in any custom size you need. These are not prefabricated and cut to size, but are built from scratch to their exact dimensions. First, check if your oven already has an air filter.

If so, does it fit correctly? Is it squashed into the system? If not, the size should be labeled on the filter, and this is the size you should use when ordering your new air filter. Don't stack filters to fit in a larger slot. Once you have determined the exact dimensions that work best for you, place an order for the filter size with the exact fraction or decimal of your preferred measurements. If you don't have an existing air filter in your oven, or if the existing filter doesn't fit properly, you'll need to measure the duct opening. Unless you are concerned about respiratory conditions or sensitivity to poor air quality, there is rarely a need to go beyond MERV 8.If in doubt, you can always measure the air filter yourself with a ruler or any other measuring device.

Changing your HVAC filter is only part of the routine maintenance you have to perform on your system. The installation tape is made of small plastic teeth that hold the air filter material and hold it in place. However, reusable electrostatic air filters eventually lose their charge as you wash them, so they have a shorter lifespan than normal washables. You also need to make a slightly larger filter if you use air filter installation tape to secure the filter. HEPA filters are most often used in large commercial buildings that require clean air, such as hospitals.

If the return vent is on the roof, you may want to use a filter that has a slightly larger actual size, so that it doesn't fall on you when you open the vent.

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